If your car is an import like a Mazda Bongo or an electric car or even some hybrids you may not be homologated (allowed) to tow. With these vehicles the Gross Train Weight will be 0000kg or no figure will be there at all.  

If your VIN plate doesn’t list a train weight, you should not use your vehicle for towing, this may be illegal and could invalidate your insurance. 

How to work out your towing weight

Now comes the maths you take the Gross Train Weight and minus the Gross Vehicle Weight

4350kg - 2250kg  = 2100kg

This Ford Kuga can tow 2100kg

Check towing weight weights

What if you have an import, electric or Hybrid car.

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The towing capacity is found in the vehicles handbook if you don't have those to hand you can work it out yourself. All you need is to find the VIN plate this is normally located on the drivers door pillar. 

It will normally show 4 weights these are as follows.

Gross Vehicle Train weight - Gross vehicle weight, the Maximum Allowable Mass (MAM)
of the vehicle including occupants, fuel and payload.

Gross Vehicle Weight - Gross train weight, the combined maximum allowable
mass of the vehicle and trailer.

Maximum Axle Loads - Front and rear respectively.

We are only interested in the first two.

Take a look at this Ford Kuga Vin plate

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