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5 system spring

Rubber Insert Spring Assisters

Coil Spring Assisters are necessary because most standard car springs are designed for comfort of the passengers and are not strong enough for towing and heavy weights carried in the boot

Part No.
GE 13 - to suit 18 to 25mm gap
GE 14 - to suit 26 to 38mm gap
GE 15 - to suit 39 to 51mm gap
GE 15A - to suit 51 to 65mm gap

[Gap Size]

​Gap is determined by the measurement between the coils approx half way down the spring when the car is jacked up by the body untill the wheel is off the ground 

Rubber Coil Spring Assisters Per Pair

GE13 £21.99

GE14 £23.99

GE15 £30.50

GE15A   £31.99

Reliability - MAD products come with lifetime warranties
Low cost - Quick to install, no worries or construction work
Quality - Recommended by manufacturers
Specially designed - For each car model
Convenient - No adjustments of original springs
Saves money - On maintenance and repair costs
Production in accordance with ISO and TÜV requir

mad springs

MAD Springs

Spring assisted


To fit between the rear axle / suspension
and chassis / bump stops Along side Main Spring

3 System - Fits over shock absorber (OE Shock absorbers only)

5 System - SPRING INSIDE THE MAIN SPRING -To fit inside original spring

7 System - Fits inside coil on MacPherson Strut

8 System - Replacement Spring Kits
Pro Replacement Springs are progressive springs with a hardwearing and oil resistant rubber sleeve fitted. They give a 10% - 50% increase in spring rate, which automatically rises with the increasing load. With these Pro Springs fitted the vehicle retains its normal ride and keeps its original height when unloaded. Even when fully loaded the Pro Spring depress very little from the normal ride height

8 system spring

Spring Assisters are designed to suit vehicles with all types of suspension specifically cars with torsion bars, and when fitted keep the original driving comfort when the vehicle is unloaded, but also allow the vehicle to be driven in comfort and safely when it is subjected to constant and heavy load conditions. Heavy Duty Spring Assisters are designed to set the spring rate of the vehicle to approximately 30% higher than the original.

7 system spring
o system spring
MAD springs
3 system spring

MAD spring assisters m.a.d

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