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One of the questions we get asked most often is what is trailer stablilty and does my car have this safety feature.

So what is Trailer stabilty or TSP?

When trailers or caravans start to sway dangerously, it is usually a result of the way of driving, speed, crosswinds, road condition and/or, a badly laden trailer or caravan. Caravans and horse box trailers present a special risk. When "snaking" occurs, many drivers display the wrong reaction and under stress, try to keep their tow vehicle and trailer on track by counter steering. This will only amplify the swaying effect and eventually result in an accident. If snaking has started, it could be difficult or even impossible to suppress. This makes the car/trailer combination difficult to control and there is a risk that you could, for example, end up in the wrong lane or leave the carriageway.

The specific additional function of ESP, known as the Trailer Stability Program (TSP), recognizes swaying on the basis of the typical yaw rate in the tow vehicle. This allows for the right measures to be initiated at an early stage: the towing combination is slowed down to a non-critical speed by automatically braking all 4 wheels of the towing vehicle individually, whilst simultaneously reducing the engine speed and thus correcting the swaying movement. In most cases, providing the vehicle has been equipped a "Vehicle Specific Towbar Wiring Kit", the additional software in the ESP module is activated as soon as the electrical connection cable of the trailer is plugged into the towbar socket.

For videos explaining tralier stability please click HERE

Image from Honda


Download our PDF file that shows which cars have trailer stability and if your car will need a computer re-code

Top gear decided to put two cars with carvans attached around their test track the Volkswagen Tiguan has Trailer stability the Mazda CX-5 doesn't. Heres what happened...

Trailer Stablilty

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Video from http://www.youtube.com/user/BBC/videos

With trailer stabilty program enabled
The trailer is being thrown about as the Stig takes the corners, the car recognizes the caravan is snaking and breaks to rectify this. The caravan looses it wheel at the last corner but even this doesn’t stop the car from keeping on track.
The trailer stability program is only enabled with a dedicated wiring kit, other mobile towbar fitters only fit universal wiring kits.

Without trailer stabilty program enabled
As you can see there is alot more smoke from the wheels. The second corner the car and caravan become a cropper. It wont complete the top gear circuit, the strong towbar has stayed in place though.

The trailer stability program is only enabled with a dedicated wiring kit, other towbar fitters will only fit universal wiring kits. Check you are getting a Vehicle specific wiring kit.

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