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13 pin

13 Pin Socket

This socket is also mainly used for new caravans as it combines the two 7 pin 12N &12S into one socket for convenience. Most modern caravans are now being manufactured with a 13 pin plug.

The 13 pin socket is also more adaptable for detachable tow-bars that have a spring mounting single socket plate that can be folded up behind the bumper so that it is invisible.

This socket can also be required for some bike racks, however you would only need the road light feeds, the same as single electrics.

If your car has a 13 pin socket and your caravan has 2 x 7 pin towing plugs (12N + 12S) you can purchase a conversion lead  from us to allow you to tow. 
If your caravan has a 13 pin plug but your car has 2 x 7 pin sockets (12N + 12S) you can purchase conversion lead to allow you to tow. 

Single electrics/ Single 7 pin socket (12N)

Single electricsprovide you with a single 7 pin socket at the rear of your vehicle this is used to provide the normal tail/side lights, indicator, brake and fog lights.

Single electrics allows you to tow any trailer or caravan as your entire road legal lighting is provided.

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Twin electrics (12N & 12S)

Twin electrics (the second socket is a 12S socket) provides you with two 7 pin sockets at the rear of your vehicle. This allows you to tow any trailer or caravan as your entire road legal lighting (including reversing lights) are provided.

The grey or white 12S socket provides power to the caravan battery, fridge, interior light and reversing lights and is optional when towing a caravan.

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